How to play Emps-Remake!

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How to play Emps-Remake!

Post by Dylan » Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:23 am

Link for JAR: Click here

Link for EXE: Click here

Make sure you have the newest version of Java


Download either file.
If you have never opened a Jar file before you may have to maunally open it with Java. To do this right click the Jar file and it should look like this:

Hover over Open With, then click Java. If you do not have the option to open with java try using the .EXE client. If that also fails please consult the troubleshooting guide below.

Troubleshooting Guide!

Stuck here?

Fortunately fixing this error is super easy!
  1. Close your client.
  2. Make sure you have the newest version of Java

    After that download
  3. Click here to download the newest version of JRE.
Open the .EXE file and run through the installer just like you would any other application.

After installing both of these applications re-open your client. It should run now.

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